Attention Marketing, Advertising, Sales & Writing Enthusiasts…
Can You REALLY make $100 GRAND or more a year, working just 24-36 hours  a week as a Licensed, Certified PCM Marketing Coach?
Everything you need to leave the rat race behind with this incredible income, lifestyle & business of your own…

Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coaching Program Developer, Jim Ackerman explains the opportunity and the requirements in this brief video…Watch now.

As a Licensed, Certified Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coach, you will help small to mid-size businesses get more customers and get more business from the customers they already have.

And in the process make a great life for yourself with the INCOME & FREEDOM you've always dreamed of.

This opportunity has a 20-year track record of success. So much so, we actually GUARANTEE your success…

You Can… 

  • Make $250/hr or MORE 
  • Operate from home, by phone and Internet 
  • Serve clients worldwide, but also enjoy geographic protection 
  • Benefit from a variety of marketing and sales systems
  • Operate a proven, highly automated SYSTEM that's easy and effective
  • Never again suffer from office politics or a glass ceiling, or be at the beck and call of "da man!"

Listen to what clients from all kinds of businesses have to say...

Reflections from a top licensed, certified PCM Coach

How long before we cut you a check for $13,000 for a month’s worth of 5-hour days or 4-day weeks?

As a Licensed, Certified PCM™ Coach You'll Receive…
  • A GUARANTEE of success. We promise you'll more than recover your investment and we'll help you make sales to do it.
  • Access to an array of marketing programs and promotional strategies to insure your ability to attract clients
  • Up-front intensive training and on-going weekly and annual training, so you'll always be up to date and current in the service of your clients
  • Affiliation with the renowned Principle Centered Marketing™ system with its 20-year track record, having served the better part of 600 clients (all of which received a 200% ROI Guarantee with only one refund ever having to be made.)
  • International ability to market, but local territorial protection (Unique feature you must see to appreciate.)
  • Collaboration with other Licensed, Certified PCM Coaches to help you serve your clients better
  • And Much, MUCH More!

“There are ways to make more money, but there may not be a more relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle, or a more rewarding business in the world of marketing. This is simply a great way to live… for you and your family”

How Interested are YOU?
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